I solved the infinite boot loop by selecting the correct CPU spoof: Good advice this is the solution for download limits. You can give a try and let me know if it works. I looked around and saw that you have another guide for this here, but it should be mentioned as a footnote. Boot file or you can using nVEnabler. The operating system works, you just have to follow the steps, it is important to exit VirtualBox before executing the commands. Next, we’ll need to copy some kexts kernal extensions, similar to drivers on Windows to the USB drive.

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OSx86:HCL 10.6.8

Please read the step 5 thoroughly and add the VirtualBox code to the cmd like step 5. Sleep does not work, everything else works fine. You can follow this guide to upgrade to any version you want https: Fixed this error by rebooting host machine and re-entering commands to cmd donnow which action actually fixed the problem Now tp works fine.

I keep getting stuck in the startup loop and it repeats itself. Or visit the topic below to solve your problem. After following the steps dmc booting it up, it just oocate a black screen.


I could not find any similar issues in the postings. Plug in before installation starts Webcam: Works almost OOB after a clean install with Leohazard I have installed successfully in the virtualbox but the mac is working very slow.

Mountain Lion – Cant find SMC Driver? – OS X Mountain Lion – osxorg

I was able to download the update from the AppStore but after the restart of the machine I am still on the older version and the update is still available to install. Could anyone assist me? You are welcome and have fun my dear. Also, I used the same exact Virtual Machine Name.

Now you’ll be able to boot directly from the El Capitan hard drive, as it should be! Installer package can be downloaded from vendor website. If this method did fwiled work, let me know.

I followed all the instructions carefully and even repeated all the steps twice — and increased processor count to 4, but it still is not working.

Everything run flawless except sleep mode. Sorry if this has been asked filed — but Shared Folders and Clipboard do not seem to work for me. Any new tweaks for that problem? Can someone please assist me. Sign in with your Apple ID.


The name of the virtual machine should not have spaces to avoid any problem. If it works please let us know.

How to Install macOS Sierra on VirtualBox – Windows 10, 8, 7

Works just fine out of the faildd. It will work completely. Onboard audio and ethernet needed drivers You can download them here.

After performing a clean installation and Setting up your macOS Sierra then you should see your final result that, macOS Sierra has successfully installed on VirtualBox. Follow step 5 thoroughly once again and you might have done any mistake.

I can now, finally, start experimenting with xcode. My system is Lenovo W with Intel Core i A Good howto tip: Used Netkas support files installed istkos.