It hasn’t been released yet, but Mike is working hard on it, and reports that in its current state, works with Protools and other DAWS. Sun, 24 May Thanks Ron Report message to a moderator. I may ask him to help me put this together since I’m lacking in technical skills. Fill in the product description. November Junior Member After reading these replies thank you , I think that I’ll build a new computer with 32 bit which will allow me to install Paris 3. Each DSP is assigned the control of a submix in real time.

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There is one comment on this page. Fri Dec 28 Sun, 24 May This is going to take time, but I assume that we’re all in this for the long haul at this point.

The PARIS Forums: Welcome to the forum

As for getting help from ID, I don’t know what that will take. Come on, I put 5 because it Ensoniq. So thank you for your replay again! Absolutely great tips and workflow ideas here for the novice and the seasoned vet alike!


I was thinking that might be an improvement I sometimes get resource constrained with my current system. Report message to a moderator. This system dates back towas abandoned in by E-MU.

I’m still working on it. So that AC also runs on XP and soon seven with multicore support.

I do not feel the machine as being the source of any sound problems. Initially, Intelligent Devices was supportive.

The control surface, the digital patchbay. Question though — If I created projects in Paris 3. Anyway, for now pqris seems as if the new driver is seriously rock solid on both 64bit and 32bit windows.

Therefore knowing these bugs around them. Ensoniq was in the audio and music from the early 80s, was designing DSP. It is multi-mec capable,and is capable ;aris I think. Tue, 02 June I hoping they’ll be okay with sharing some of the history with us.

Sat, 19 October Contrary to the opinion of the Frog, it does not compress files, it is the PCM 16 or 24 bits that is stored on your hard drive extention. Actually yes, provided it works. Log in Become a member.


Welcome to ensoniq.ca, the home of ongoing PARIS software development.

Overall, it can record and mix in there, and as always the sound quality of the result will depend on the catch, the interpretation and arrangements. I am available for additional information. Sun, 16 June My English isn’t the best, so i don’t understand everthing well, in that way it was not easy to understand the conversation about asio in Forum for me. I, ensoniiq one, would be willing to invest. They samplers and pagis, always prized for their sound now.

Sun, 23 June I would not get more than Quad core. Mike’s new driver works very well with 64 bit windows 7 here.