The wait for something new is always a common conversation piece among fans. Now I’m wondering if I could pull it out easily. Well this mainboard just about covers all aspects of mainboard features, doesn’t it? Oh yes, you can also disable the built-in modem feature in the BIOS. From the dual CPU capability to the build-in audio, this mainboard is ideal for many users who are looking for something which will last longer than the average system nowadays. You can check out my own version of preamp here. The setup was simple and straightforward, just like any other modem.

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Plugging the ATX power connector to the board posed to be a slight problem too.

Digial audio equipment

There simply isn’t eliye to go around. However, the lack of voltage limiting cap is a bit dangerous. I do hope the price is attractive and is bundled with free local dial-up ISP accounts.

On cki8338 top right corner, you can see a red LED. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the web-site of this chipset manufacturer, thus, I was unable to look up the specs. So one needs a microphone preamp to convert the mic output ci8338 unbalanced signal and provide ‘phantom power’ for microphone as well. It is great to finally see that motherboard manufacturers have come to depend on suggestions by end users. MSX emulator that worked fine with my SB16 card anly produces various loud hissing noises.


As I’ve mentioned in the Rev.

ECS Elite CMI 8338/PCI Free Driver Download

It is just like playing one of those “Spot the Difference” games. Drivers, by the way, are a nightmare. The jumper for disabling sound was removed and the option is now available in the Pdi. Test Configuration Processor s: Yes, it is too good to be true, but it is! The CD-ROM installation goes through OK, asks for Win95 disk to install joystick driver and then just stays there, switching mouse cursor between normal and hourglass.

The card is aligned near the PCI slot, so that it behaves like a PCI card, and the bracket could be screwed onto the casing.

In fact, it was so cool that I played almost two hours, and was blown off to bits and pieces countless times. I can’t give you any numbers as time does not permit me to perform any benchmarks. Although the casing fan could be plugged directly to the power supply, but it is not attractive anymore since that would require an pxi purchase of overly priced cables.

So, what is new?? This dual processor socket feature is ideal for those who cm8i338 to get a Celeron processor now, and still have the option of upgrading to a costlier Slot-1 processor in the future. For example, Abit and Microstar pi already moved on to provide a wide variety of bus speed settings. Windows 98 Second Edition build 4.


I kept wondering where the rear speaker output was, as it was not written anywhere. Continued in a morning and after two more hours of mucking around finally got it to work.

The material, of course, is very scarce anyway. This is good for those who hate jumpers.

So, I took out my digital multimeter and put the board to a probing test. Here is a nice tip for you – You don’t want Zoltrix or C-Media drivers.

Quantum MB Video Card s: I’m sure by now, on-board fan connectors are almost a must for overclockers, and since this board was made with a lot of overclocking in mind, fan connectors are highly treasured. Good for most users with little demands. Connector board is extra option in this case.

Overall Rating Out of a maximum of 5 Star. The update available from C-media includes different mixer, so cmk8338 really want Zoltrix version which is also part of their audio rack application. Real men will build it themselves, of course.