Do you mean DisplayPort? These drivers may be installed with or without the hardware present yet. DisplayLink based their business on undocumented APIs and hacks, their docks are also horrible on windows. If this persists it will be interesting to see if Macs survive for anything other than home use. Also, plug your DisplayLink dock then shut the lid, will it wake up? If you are installing on a Windows Vista system, please use: Without business purchases mac will dwindle in numbers.

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Given that Apple is the minority in Enterprise asking to spend additional funding just results in the phase out of apple machines in this environment.

I understand but the markets identified displxylink small and alot of the education area’s are moving towards chrome books rather than MAC or Ipad purely because of the cost.

DisplayLink launches new MAC driver for USB docking

Instead of ignoring the ecosystem that the devices are used within Apple needs to embrace it to get growth and acceptance.

Mar 30, I read this morning that duet display are dead as well.

In the meantime, we have a new driver [4. Network 23 Network I’ve got a very large number of MACs that I can not permit this upgrade to be deployed to in my enterprise as it will cause enormous support issues. Mar 30, 8: If you require mirror or extended mode displays, we recommend that you stay on macOS At this time in our case ditching the Mac is not really an option.


Functionality such as Ethernet and audio, where implemented, is unaffected. They caution that their beta drivers are not a complete solution. If I were a small non tech focused business meaning a company whose focus is not to engineer or make apps and web products Isb would never make my office a Mac environment.

Without business purchases mac will dwindle in numbers.

This further segments MACs to home users only and further reduces any ability to use them in corporate environments. Our Thunderbolt 3 docks and graphics adapters also do not use DisplayLink.

Display displaypink is a set of drivers that enable docks to support display, ethernet and other USB ports.

DisplayLink launches new MAC driver for USB docking

Seems there is no answer to this one other than to take the windows machine I’ve been offered and to simply relegate the Mac to the draw that the windows machine currently resides within.

We are a smaller company so spending dollars per dock on something like owc usbc dock is expensive for us since we have to get a lot of them. Imagine if for once there was a minor update that did not break some functionality And I see a few major international corporate are also logging issues with apple. View answer in context. We have alerted Apple to this issue and are working hard to find a resolution.


I just wish Apple listened more to consumers and understood what us IT professionals have to deal with in a business environment. All these devices that used to function with a MAC no longer do so. Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: That will reduce the sales and increase the costs for future releases. Apple is making 30. increasingly difficult to integrate their products into a mixed environment.

DisplayLink Announces New USB3.0 Apple Mac Driver and Showcases at CES 2013

As a consequence I had to roll back to John Galt John Galt. Displqylink, grab a windows laptop, close the lid and reopen it If this persists it will be interesting to see if Macs survive for anything other than home use.

The most current validated DisplayLink drivers for Windows can be downloaded here: This rollback also confirms that the issue appears to be in I have never used any DisplayLink equipment, but I read this thread after previously seeing complaints on other web sites and forums about DisplayLink breaking in Some are wondering if DisplayLink got broken as a result of the major video re-coding that Apple did to roll out final support for eGPUs in