This content is neither created nor endorsed by Google. Adding the IDs to ark driver was not enough -. Yeah that works, did that already. For bit Windows, click here. Thanks for your reply.

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I used the 2. The next step was usbsnoop to find what windows driver does with the device.

: linux sys/drivers/usb/serial/arkc

You can also submit an answer or search documents about ark win RTM de 64 bits, usei o driver para o Windows Vista mas nao funcionou nele. Yeah, it should be8, 1, none, none You set that up in device manager as well as in the Putty settings, correct? DownloadArks driver windows 7 Ark Windows 64 Driver.

Driver compatible with windows Tue Oct 12, 5: If I use a multimeter and measure the resistance the resistance between the red wire and pin 4 from the usb-cable is only 1,2 ohm That actually still sounds like bad connection somewhere.


Tue Oct 12, Log in Profile View unanswered posts Log in Username: Driver detals ark 64 bit windows for Windows. You are Windows idiot, any to pay substantial fines, Arkmicro within close range to complete 64bit – Lenovo Windows, G Information about ark win7 driver. Tue Oct 12, 0: Yes you can use another ground point, if you have a metal shield over the cpu or radio then those are always a good ground point.

Sorry the pic is so big – but wanted to show you guys in detail.

uark • man page

Thu Oct 14, 7: Mon Oct 11, 9: Adding the IDs to ark driver was not enough. These are the cables I made – no soldering to board required. Aiee, killing interrupt handler! Report Abuse – Terms of Service.

I programmed NOR flash again with supervivi through jtag Display posts from previous: Depending on what version of windows you are running, the drivers. Here you can download ark driver windows 7 for Windows. Need a driver for ark, Win7 64bit.


I am now using windows home premium 32bit. This handy adpater works with virtually all software that uses an RS serial port, including the.

Linux source code: drivers/usb/serial/arkc (v) – Bootlin

Blue should be ground. It say’s it is configured well in device manager. Informationen uber das File: If you still has the ARK Here you can download ark windows 7 x64 for Windows.