Has anybody out there been able to get these older printers up and running with newer computers? I don’t know if this is a driver issue, an iDock issue, or a problem with the LaserWriter itself. This allows you to receive printer messages, such as a message telling you that the printer is out of paper, while a job is printing. Adjust the cassette for your paper. Page Configuring your printing software Once the upgrade is installed, you set up your Macintosh printing software to use the increased memory as follows:

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The printer you select is called the default printer. If the problem occurs on paper other than standard copier-weight bond, the toner may not adhere well to the paper you are using.

Click the LaserWriter 8 icon in the Chooser. Page 45 printer icons 19, 21, 43—44 plugging in the printer 15—16 printer information port, LocalTalk 13 changing in Apple Printer Utility portrait vertical orientation 30, 32—33 program 51 PostScript files, sending to printer 60 viewing 52— To print the manual completely, please, download it.

If you are unable to insert the plug into the outlet, contact a licensed electrician to replace the outlet with a properly grounded outlet.

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Page 72 Remove the brush and replace it in its holder. Letter paper 6, sharing printer on unplugging the printer 15 toner cartridge utility program.


Make sure you have selected the appropriate paper size in the Page Setup dialog box. The printing software that is installed in Chapter 1 requires that you have at least one printer icon on your desktop.

Laptops by Dan Ackerman Nov 26, Pages Indicate how much of the document to print. This type of jam is often caused by an interruption in printing, such as a power outage or opening the printer lid during printing. You may have to scroll the window to find it.

Take out the printed sheet and turn it over so the printed side is facing down and the top of the page is nearest the manual feed slot. Page 17 To remove an old cartridge, grasp the cartridge by the center and pull horizontally as you rotate the cartridge up.

Apple LaserWriter 4/600 PS – printer – monochrome – laser Series

To print the startup page, unplug the printer, wait a moment, then plug it in again; or use the Apple Ptinter Utility to restart the printer. Select the printer laderwriter you want.

Follow these steps to select the EtherTalk or TokenTalk network: Page Configuring your printing software Once the upgrade is installed, you set up your Macintosh printing software to use the increased memory as follows: The Macintosh must have the following: Ask a question Reset.

Follow these steps to clean the mirror in the printer: Insert paper this end first. Open the printer lid and remove the toner cartridge. Page Face-down delivery Use face-down delivery for paper fed from the paper cassette.


Page m You installed a program that reserves the printer port before the LocalTalk Bridge is activated, causing the port to already be in use when the bridge starts up. Printer Fonts Font Included Type. About Paper About paper Many problems such as toner smearing, paper curling, or improper paper feeding can be caused by the paper you are using.

You see the font names, their types, and current locations listed in the panel.

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Page paper acceptable sizes 6, naming the printer 52—53 avoiding jams 28 Network control panel colored 71 networks face-up or face-down delivery 27—28, connecting to 14—15, 36, number conflict nonstandard 39—41 selecting zones 20, 50 out of 40 Network Software Installer window printable area — The Apple classic pdinter are the original ten bitmapped fonts that came with the first Macintosh in If you use 3-hole paper, line up the holes as shown: You see the Printer Selector window.

Your Macintosh will automatically put them where they belong. Page 66 The same effect can be achieved by physically unplugging the printer, counting to five, and plugging it in again.